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Realtime Chat Setup

With this feature you will be able to create public chatrooms and let your users create their own private chatrooms and chat with each others.

1. First, click on  in the “Add pages” part. This will appear:


2. To create a chatroom, click on Add a chatroom, enter its name and description and click on OK.

3. In Moderation tab, you can moderate the messages of the chatrooms.


4. The feature in the application.


Tap  to display the settings of the chatroom.

On this page you can change your nickname and select the type of notifications you want.

To create private chatroom or manage your friends, tap   on the main page of the feature.



We have just updated the Realtime Chat feature.

You MUST republish and upload your new app to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for them to work.

Users MUST update their app for it to work as well. (See FORCE UPDATE to force them to update next time they open your app)