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>> Easy to use Drag & Drop System <<

No coding needed! Simply choose the feature you want and publish your app.

Build a complete app in under an hour!

Over 50 – Flexible – Drag & Drop – Easy to use Features to choose from

Some of our Pro Features


Create a Ride Share app and get paid for every ride.

  • Cash or Credit Card
  • Drivers
  • Passengers

App Possibilities

  • Taxi Company
  • Limo Company
  • Pickup/Delivery Company

In-App Messages

Another Push Notification feature that pops up as soon as your users open your app.

Loyalty Cards

Entice your customers to return to your business instead of your competitors.

  • Buy 10 Large Pizzas, get one free
  • Visit us 5 times, 6th visit is free

Activate with either a password or have the customer scan a QR code

Padlock Pro

Padlock Pro allows you to lock any feature of your app to only people that you want to see it.

For example:

  • Employees only
  • Paid Customers
  • VIP

Push Notifications

Push Notifications allows you to send a message to all of your app users, like a text message with images and a link.


  • Free soda with purchase of a Large Pizza today
  • School closed today due to weather
  • Meeting today at 2pm
  • Today’s Podcast is now available

Unlimited push notifications to unlimited users

Scratch Ticket

Add the ability to offer a scratch ticket for people to win prizes.

  • Limit the amount of scratches per day, per user
  • Set the odds of winning per scratch
  • Set the number of prizes that can won

Prize suggestions

  • Free Prize
  • Discount on an order

Social Wall

Social wall is similar to the way that Facebook works. People can post content as well as pictures to communicate with other users of your app.

Smart Ads

Pop up ads in your app.

You have a choice to send ads directly in your app, or force your users to update your app before continuing.


Have a weekly quiz and award prizes depending on the score the users get. They can play once, or as many times as they want.

Why Choose 47AppSt?

Whether you are looking to build an app for your business or create apps for other businesses, we have the tools that you need to get the job done right the first time.


Creating a personal app is extremely easy with our 3 step process. Choose your template, add some feature and publish it to Google & Apple.


Every business can benefit from having an app. Instantly send your customers news & updates to keep your name on their minds.


Pull in all of your YouTube videos keeping the monetization, add links to your merch and keep them updated on events and hangouts.


Stop hoping your followers will see your posts on Social Media, send a Push Notification to all your followers every time you update online.

About 47AppSt

We were tired of paying extremely high prices to do what we love to do, build mobile apps. That’s why our team has developed the easiest to use platform at a price everyone could afford. Our mission is to allow anyone who has the desire to build apps for themselves or other people be able to without breaking the bank.

Welcome to 47AppSt, your home for Building Mobile Apps.

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